Tori's Haven

♥ a tribute to the fangirl ♥

26 May
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Tori, the girl. A Gemini and according to the stars she is governed by an insatiable curiosity. She's versatile and adaptable. Lively and a chatterbox.

She is just a simple girl with lots of complicated dreams. She likes many things and is good at many things. She can do almost anything if she puts her mind into it. She's easy to please. Easy to befriend. Easy to get along. She's a crazy girl with lots of crazy ideas.

Tori, the writer. An amateur fan fictionist. She has written only a few and mostly JaeSu fictions. She's in love with the two of them.

But she had always been in love with reading. She could read a 365 pages book in one sitting. Her love for reading evolved into writing and had made her develop a wide range of vocabulary and helped her developed skills in creative writing.

She started writing short stories and poems during college. When she became a fan of TVXQ that's when she started writing fan fictions. She's still not familiar with the forms and genres. She is basically a traditional writer so you might find her stories boring.

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