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22 October 2011 @ 02:44 pm
This is my second, more elaborate drawing using a pen tablet and Photoshop Elements v8. This is JaeJoong's chibi version in their latest Nii Winter photo shoot. Isn't he cute? Even when some of my lines are wobbly. :P

I am still learning how to use a pen tablet. I am still trying to find a brush that I can master. Maybe I should buy Paint Tool Sai. Hmmm... What do you think?

Without further ado...


Cutie JaeJoong in winter clothes.Collapse )

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12 October 2011 @ 11:54 pm
This is my first official digital drawing. It isn't as clean as my hand drawn artworks but it's fine. I am still learning how to use the pen tablet. Hopefully I'd be able to draw chibis better next time.

Anyways, here's Kim JaeJoong as he posed for the JYJ ~ In Heaven album cover.

Chibi Kim JaeJoongCollapse )
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30 September 2011 @ 06:03 pm
So for the upcoming release of their Korean album I am open for requests again. To all JYJ fanatics, I am at your service. If you want to have a JYJ inspired LJ layout then tell me and I'd create a layout for you in a heartbeat. :)

Follow the instructions below and we're good to go.

JYJ-Inspired Customed LJ Layouts up for grabs


01. Just comment and you'll be listed.
02. Send me the best pictures you want of anyone or all of JYJ and I'll do my best to put them in your header banner and/or FO banner (if you want).
03. Tell me the colors you'd like to see in your layout and the words you might want to write in your banners. I promise I'll do my best to put them there. But if I can't I'll edit it according to the layout design.
04. Tell me if you want a sidebar or not.
05. Lastly, tell me why you love JYJ. Cheesy but that's how I like it. :)


01. mangoedust Done!
02. tumi18 Done!
03. dee4hero


Remember, it's first come, first serve. But soon as you see your name in the list, please try to provide me of the things I want in three days time. Okay? Thank you.
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17 September 2011 @ 01:33 pm
Here's the second JYJ layout request. I am done and I am so happy with it. It's so heavenly. Ahahaha! Self-worship. :P


I hope you like this one as well. It's so girly and very JYJ. The banner is like in the clouds, don't you think? I'll send you the download link of your codes and pix. :)

FO Banner Preview:

Live preview @ tori_praclayout.

Spread JYJ L♥VE.
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12 September 2011 @ 09:44 pm
The request said that she wanted a layout with drama. I hope this is it. She wanted sapphire but I don't know what sapphire is. I just know that it's in the shade of blue. Hihi... I hope this is good enough.


I am so happy that you asked for a layout that features one of the boys I love. I hope this one makes you smile even if the design looks a bit dramatic and serious. JunSu makes me want to hug him.

Enjoy! 'Will PM you the codes.

FO Banner Preview:

Live preview @ mangoedust.
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06 September 2011 @ 03:30 pm
Here's what I think about the fullbringers' arc and the return of the shinigamis. This is actually long overdue.

After the Aizen battle I was kind of expecting a backstory on Isshin's life - how he came to live outside Soul Society. I think he is not a fugitive or a vanished captain like Urahara or Shinji. He could still wear his captain uniform, did you notice? I haven't seen Urahara nor Shinji do the same in any of their battles. Or I just didn't see it?

Anyways, instead of hearing Isshin's story, we got the story of Ichigo being a fullbringer. Honestly, I am not a fan of it. The story about Ichigo becoming a fullbringer is a waste coz I knew deep in my gut that it'll only take Rukia to transfer a part of her shinigami powers to Ichigo and he'd be back to his old fighting self. Isshin certainly had achieved the last form of his zanpakutou. I doubt he turned into a fullbringer himself to get back his shinigami powers when he personally knew the genius, Urahara.

Okay, okay, okay. Let's say that the fullbringers' arc is a way to introduce the ex-substitute shinigami in the story. But aren't there any other means to introduce him and make him want to kill his successor? Really! Coz making Ichigo a fullbringer and have him lose it that fast is just a waste of pages. It could've been used to write more about the re-entry of the shinigamis.

And... I believe I've already read about this plot. Ex- sub shinigami coming back from nowhere after mysteriously disappearing from years back just to kill off his successor and take revenge on the people he used to fight with. It's like Shinobu Sensui all over again.

Who's Sensui? He's the ex-spirit detective in Yuyu Hakusho who came back and wanted to kill Yusuke. Like Kugo Ginjou, Sensui also had allies like himself - mortal men with extraordinary powers.

So... that would be it. I am just now very anxious as to how things would work for Ichigo now that he's fully accepted by Soul Society. Also, I believe he is far more powerful now that it isn't just Rukia who gave a part of her reiatsu to awaken Ichigo's shinigami powers. All the captains of the gotei 13 and all others who became important to his journey gave a part of themselves to him. Plus, there's the mark of his fullbringer power. What would it add to his power? How would he look like when he transforms to bankai? And what about his vizard capabilities? Would he be able to use it still?

Wow! I just realized that there are so many layers to Ichigo's power now. Weee... ^,^

How about Rukia? Can she do bankai now? What's with the new headpiece of Byakuya? What happened to Rangiku now that her best friend is gone? Who is the new captain of squad 5? Who replaced Aizen? There's so many questions to answer, right? I can't wait to read the future chapters and get disappointed and amazed and enthralled and frustrated and satisfied. That's how a great story is being told, right? You just can't get all the good stuff at once. There will be terrible chapters and amazing ones. I am just hoping that the best is yet to come.
19 August 2011 @ 11:17 pm
The reunion - Death and Strawberry 2. The IchiRuki shipper that I am is alive again! Yey!

Okay, fan service a lot of them say, but so what?! I am so happy to see the characters I learned to love and hate and love again on the reunion chapter. Hitsugaya looked as if he matured like Rukia did. Ikkaku still have the lunatic eyes. Kenpachi looked gigantic standing beside Hitsugaya. Byakuya isn't wearing his headpiece. And Renji looks the same. Bleh!

I am not going to recap or post anything yet about the reunion and Ichigo's shinigami powers coming back. It's too early to say anything yet. The best is yet to come, I believe. I am just too happy to have the shinigamis back in the story and of course, Rukia. I did miss her a lot. I am just blogging right now coz I drew my first Bleach artwork today and it's fun. I might do several in the coming days. I hope the new chapters will give me more inspiration.

My first Bleach artwork under the cut. Yes, it's a chibi. :)Collapse )

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